Are You Twice-Exceptional?

Education Faculty Study on Neuro-diverse People

Monash University’s Faculty of Education is interested in the social-emotional characteristics of people who are twice exceptional, to influence positive outcomes for them through psychological and educational research.

If you have been identified with an IQ (or GAI) of 120 or above with Autism, ADHD, or a Specific Learning Disability (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia) we invite you to participate.

Online Interview

The adult study will require approximately an hour of your time for an online interview.

You will be asked for documentation confirming your exceptionalities for the purposes of research integrity.

  • For further information and a copy of the project’s Explanatory Statement (Monash University Project ID 28288), please contact Candice James (PhD Candidate from the School of Educational Psychology & Counselling, Faculty of Education) at

This project is funded by the Federal Government Research Training Program and the Mensa Australia Richard Johns research fund (year 2021).

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