Final Call for PACE Mentoring

Final Call for PACE Mentoring Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest close 16th December 2022

PACE Mentoring is a 4 month commitment between April and August.

Mentors and mentees meet approximately six to eight times during the program. During meetings, pairs will set goals and desired outcomes, discuss experiences and explore career pathways.

Activities may include:

  • Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • Mock interviews
  • Worksite visits
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Discussing workplace adjustments
  • Building confidence
  • Mapping career objectives
  • Understanding key strengths and abilities

Engaging with PACE Mentoring is simple.

Australian Network on Disability manages the program from start to finish.

This includes recruiting and selecting mentees with disability; matching mentors and mentees; pre-program briefings and training; regular check-in with program participants; and the feedback and evaluation process.

Key Dates

To participate in PACE Mentoring for Autumn 2023:

  • Member expressions of interest close: Friday, 16th December 2022
  • Mentor applications close: Friday, 24th February 2023
  • Mentor briefings and Program Launch: April 2023
  • Mid-program check-in: June 2023
  • Closing Event: August 2023

*Contact Program Lead Tia Kwan at or 03 7032 3523 by Friday, 16th December to lock in your spot for Autumn 2023.

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