Call For Survey Participants

Call For Survey Participants – Accessible Floor Plans Study

Further to the promotion of Monash University’s Accessible Floor Plans Study, researchers are keen to know more about access to complex public spaces from a user experience perspective.

They have developed a survey with relevant questions, including:

  • Do you enjoy going to shopping centres and theatres?
  • Do you visit train stations, airports and libraries a lot?
  • Are you colour blind/have low vision/dyslexia or are you a wheelchair user?

They would like to hear about your experience in visiting these complex public spaces and your support material such as floor plans to pre-plan your trip, and are asking for 15-20 mins of your valuable time, to be spent on answering this anonymous online survey

For more information, or to request participation in this study, please contact:

  • Dr. Anuradha Madugalla (
  • Research Fellow, HumaniSE Lab, Faculty of IT, Monash University

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