COVID-19 Vaccination Support

Get COVID-19 Vaccination Support

YDAS is offering free COVID-19 vaccination support to disabled young people who live in Victoria and are 12 to 25 years old.

The YDAS team can help you find information and organise supports so that you can get vaccinated.

They can give you accessible and reliable support and information about:

  • COVID-19 vaccines
  • COVID-19 boosters
  • The vaccination process
  • How to book your vaccination appointment
  • Where you can get vaccinated
  • Supports available for disabled young people.

Can You Get Support?

YDAS can support young Victorians, who are 12 to 25 years old, and identify as:

  • Having a disability
  • Having a health condition or chronic illness
  • Neurodiverse or autistic
  • Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing
  • Blind or vision impaired
  • Having lived experience of mental health issues.

YDAS can support young people with any and all types of disability.

What Support Can You Get?

The YDAS team can:

  • Help you find vaccination centres that are accessible for you.
  • Answer your questions or concerns about getting vaccinated.
  • Find accessible and reliable information.
  • Support you to book a vaccination appointment.
  • Organise extra support so that you can get vaccinated.

If YDAS do not know the answer to a question when you contact them, they will follow-up to find the answer for you.

Contact YDAS

To get free support or find out more, contact the YDAS team.

Elyse (she/her)

  • Text or call: 0447 186 888
  • Email:

Meg (she/her)

  • Text or call: 0447 679 121
  • Email:

You can text, call or email Elyse and Meg. A video call can also be arranged. Please let them know if you have any access needs.


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