Railway Station Accessibility

How Can Accessibility of Railway Station Accessibility be Improved?

As part of two research projects, a team of Monash students are developing a rating system to assess existing railway stations that can be used as an aid by operators and government agencies to provide more accessible railway stations and reduce the challenges faced by those with a disability.

Calling for People with Physical Disabilities to be Part of a Research Project

The first research team are looking for volunteers to participate in a 30-minute interview, either in person or via Zoom.

These interviews will take place late in Semester 1 or at the beginning of Semester 2.

If eligible and interested in participating, they will ask you to complete a short survey and answer a series of questions about your experiences using the rail network as a means of transport, and ask for your ideas on what needs to be improved.

You will go in a draw to receive one of three $50 Coles/Myer Group gift voucher.

  • Approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project Number: 32412)

Second Railway Accessibility Project for People with Mobility Restrictions

Volunteers are asked to come to a 1.5-hour group interview held via ZOOM.

There will be about 6 other people participating in this group interview which will be run by a team of 4 student researchers.

Participants will be asked questions about what access information is required to plan a rail journey and how they think this information can be best communicated.

There will be a request to evaluate the ranking system proposal and give feedback on how suitable it is in addressing individual needs.

All information about participants will be kept confidential, and participants will also stand a chance of winning a one off $50 gift voucher through a randomly conducted draw.

Click on this link: Focus_Group_EOI to fill and register your interest in this session.

  • Approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project Number: 32415)
  • Chief Investigator – Dr. Wynita Griggs (wynita.griggs@monash.edu)

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