GradWISE AccessABILITY Week 2023

GradWISE Industry AccessABILITY Week – February 2023

Summer is here and the festive period is upon us.

It’s time to start preparing for GradWISE’s 2023 graduate application season!

The Industry AccessABILITY Week from Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February 2023 is an opportunity for students/graduates to hear from disability-confident employers on their various roles and early career pathways.

They will help prepare recent and soon to be graduates with tips to succeed in navigating the graduate recruitment process and choosing organisations that align with their values and career aspirations.

These employers are interested in you because of your diversity of thought and solutions, and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where people living with a disability can thrive and engage in meaningful employment aligned with their degree of study.

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