Monash Guarantee/SEAS Testimonial

The Monash Guarantee/SEAS Testimonial Opportunity

The University’s marketing team is hoping to showcase some of our students who may have benefited from the Monash Guarantee or Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

We’re sharing this opportunity to see if you would be interested in sharing your story.

This opportunity is open to domestic, undergraduate students who have a WAM of 60 or higher who feel they have benefited from SEAS or the Monash Guarantee. If you need a reminder of what is covered in SEAS and the Monash Guarantee see our website.

  • Your registration with DSS will remain confidential and you don’t need to disclose your disability or medical condition if you don’t want to or do not feel comfortable.

What’s In It For You

If you’re interested, we’ll send you some questions about how Monash Guarantee or SEAS has helped you to achieve your aspirations. We may also ask about extracurricular activities you’ve enjoyed as a student.

  • We’re able to provide a $50 gift card for your time!

What’s Next

If you’d like to participate, you will need to consent to the use of your image and a quote to be used for marketing purposes by the University to highlight the positive outcomes of these opportunities.

It’s possible that the story may be picked up by a news outlet, and if this happens you may be asked for an interview, but this is not guaranteed, and you would be free to decline the opportunity.

If you’re interested, could you please email Susan Newland (details are below) By Friday June 28th.

  • Susan Newland
  • Senior Coordinator, Projects and Development, Access Inclusion and Success

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