PhD Scholarship

Monash University PhD Scholarship in Assistive Technology and Disability

The Monash Assistive Technology and Society (MATS) Centre is offering two PhD Scholarships. Candidates who identify as having a disability are strongly encouraged to apply.

Emerging assistive technologies have the potential to break down many of the barriers that people with disabilities face at school, university, work and in the social sphere.

Our work at the MATS Centre is guided by partnerships with the community to ensure we’re addressing real problems faced by real people and creating a lasting impact.

Join us as a PhD Candidate and help to create a world that is more inclusive and equitable.

The successful candidate will explore an area of research focus within MATS and the Faculty of Information Technology. The precise details of the PhD project are open to negotiation, but it should be designed with the aim of making a positive difference to the life experience of people with disabilities.

The successful candidates will be based in the Faculty of Information Technology of Monash University at the Caulfield or Clayton campuses in Melbourne.

Closing Date:

Wednesday, 3 July 2024

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