MSA Disabilities and Carers Week!

Next week is the MSA’s Disabilities and Carers Week! The Disabilities Officers have something on every day Monday to Thursday at Clayton next week and ¬†events are open to everyone!

Monday: Social Model 101 with Andrew Day
Get to grips with the basics of Disability critical theory and learn how your Disabilities and Carers department can better make a difference to your life at Clayton.
TIME: 1:00

Tuesday: Foodapalooza!
Not so much foodapalooza as we’re handing out pumpkin soup – nice change from sausages and I think much needed in this frosty weather.
VENUE: South Lawn (near Lemon Scented Lawns)
TIME: 12:00 – 2:00

Wednesday: Disabilities and Employment
Christine Giannakopolous who works with Dandenong Valley Job Support – a FREE to use disability employment support service – will be coming in to talk about how people with disabilities can better navigate the job market and what they can access to assist them in finding and keeping a part time job at university.
TIME: 1:00

Thursday: Mental Health Workshop
MSA Queer officer and mental health nurse in the making Vivian Stewart will be holding a small workshop on common mental health problems experienced at university, how to navigate them, services available and how you can be a better ally for someone with mental health problems.
VENUE: MSA Meeting Room.
TIME: 1:00


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