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Applications of CBT for audiology

There are many conversations that can be difficult to navigate within audiology.

  • How do I respond when a person is upset, angry or anxious?
  • What do I say when a person thinks a hearing aid will make them look old?
  • How can I support a person struggling to adjust to their hearing loss or hearing device?

The cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) course has been endorsed for 20 CPD points and provides the knowledge, skills, and confidence to use counselling skills and CBT to talk about social and emotional concerns with clients at any stage of their hearing healthcare. Find out more and enroll now:

Communication and Inclusion Program

This course takes the learner through the fundamentals of hearing and hearing conditions, their impacts and what we can do to live well with hearing conditions.

Find out more and enroll now:

The SOUNDFAIR Clinic and Hearing Centre

Our connection coach model

Hearing conditions are as diverse as the individuals who experience them.

A Soundfair Connection Coach can help you navigate the hearing system, explore the impacts of your hearing condition on you as a whole person and across all areas of your life, and help you create an action plan for hearing and wellbeing success.

Book an appointment today:

Soundfair’s Hearing Bank

A pair of hearing aids purchased through the private market ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 and Federal Government funding for hearing aids is limited, leaving many people to struggle with hearing conditions on their own. 

The Soundfair Hearing Bank offers holistic support and training for people with hearing conditions before sending them home with their recycled hearing aid. Learn more:

Call for Participants: ‘Walk, Talk and Listen over Zoom’ 

‘Walk, Talk and Listen over Zoom’ combines social connection, exercise and group‐based hearing rehabilitation for older Australians with hearing loss to reduce loneliness and social isolation while also improving hearing and physical health.

We are looking for adults aged 50 years and over to participate in this 10-week, evidence-based program that will be hosted online via Zoom. For more information please contact Mimansa Thakore at or on (02) 9850 8753.

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