Them Aspies

Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) presents… Them Aspies, a play created by Jess Gonsalvez and Tom Middleditch

October 7-11 at 7.30pm, with an optional forum following each performance

With the increase in autism diagnoses and the changes in diagnostic criteria over the past twelve months, there is an air of misunderstanding surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Asperger’s Syndrome, Them Aspies is an uncompromising new performance piece exploring modern perceptions of Autism. Spanning a range of theatrical forms – from epic to verbatim theatre.

Tickets: MSA Card $10 / Conc $12 / Full $16
Bookings: or at the MSA Reception Desk

In the MUST Space, Ground Floor, Campus Centre (Bld 10), Monash University Clayton Campus

(ph) 9905 8173

MONASH UNI STUDENT THEATRE is an engine room of creativity, a department of the MSA that creates vibrant, innovative theatre by, with and for Monash students and the wider community. Works are diverse, ranging from new text-based and devised works to bold takes on classics, adaptations, events and exhibitions.

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