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The Man Who Knew Infinity

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Graham Farr has written an excellent piece in The Conversation: The Man Who Knew Infinity: inspiration, rigour and the art of mathematics.

Claude Shannon Centenary Celebration

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

On Friday the 6th May the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash hosted the Claude Shannon Centenary Celebration.

There were several short talks about Shannon’s life and work.

– Jamie Evans [Melbourne Uni] The life and times of Claude Elwood Shannon.
– Shampa Shahriyar [FIT, Monash] How Claude Shannon’s master thesis changed our world
– Jonathan Keith [Maths, Monash] Shannon’s PhD: An algebra for theoretical genetics
– Michael Brand [FIT, Monash] What is information?
– Amin Sakzad [FIT, Monash] Lossless data compression: a practical example
– Yi Hong [ECSE, Monash] Shannon’s noisy-channel coding theorem
– Kevin Leckey [Maths, Monash] The fundamental theorem for noisy channels: Shannon’s probabilistic proof
– Ron Steinfeld [FIT, Monash] Shannon and cryptography
– Graham Farr [FIT, Monash] Prediction and entropy of printed English
– David Dowe [FIT, Monash] Shannon’s influence on machine learning
– Alan Dorin [FIT, Monash] On automata and chess
– Graham Farr [FIT, Monash] Shannon’s switching game
– Rebecca Robinson [FIT, Monash] The Shannon capacity of a graph
– Michael Wybrow [FIT, Monash] Theseus the maze-solving mouse
– Burkard Polster [Maths, Monash] Juggling robots and theorems