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The discrete mathematics group provides a supportive environment for Ph.D. students. Our students have received four Mollie Holman Doctoral Awards, which is the premier prize for Ph.D. students at Monash University.

Prospective Ph.D. Students

Senior members of the discrete mathematics group are seeking to supervise high-quality Ph.D. students. If you are interested in completing a Ph.D. in the group, then contact a prospective supervisor and follow these instructions: School of Mathematics or Faculty of Information Technology.

Current Ph.D. Students

Nikolai Karol (graph theory, supervised by David Wood)

Marc Distel (graph theory and metric geometry, supervised by David Wood)

Jack Allsop (perfect factorisations, supervised by Ian Wanless)

Afsane Ghafari (transversals in Latin squares and hypercubes, supervised by Ian Wanless)

Dani Gentle (combinatorics of permutations, jointly supervised by Ian Wanless and Daniel Horsley)

Carly Bodkin (combinatorics of binary arrays, supervised by Ian Wanless)

William Crawford (higher dimensional matrix permanents, supervised by Ian Wanless and Daniel Horsley)

Michael Gill (computer enumeration of combinatorial designs, supervised by Ian Wanless)

Ben Jones (generalisations of binary matroids, supervised by Graham Farr and Kerri Morgan)

Colin Khoo (supervised by Nick Wormald and Mikhail Isaev)

Ranjie Mo (graph polynomials, supervised by Graham Farr and Kerri Morgan)

Completed Ph.D. Students

Robert Hickingbotham, Exploring Sparse and Hereditary Graph Classes via Products and Tree-Decompositions, 2024. Supervised by David Wood and Tony Huynh.

Rui Zhang, The probability of non-existence of small substructures via clusters and cumulants, 2023. Supervised by Nick Wormald and Mikhail Isaev.

Adam Gowty, Problems related to Sperner set systems, 2022. Supervised by Daniel Horsley.

Angus Southwell, Properties of induced subgraphs of random graphs with given degree sequences, 2022. Supervised by Nick Wormald, Jane Gao and Mikhail Isaev.

Harald Bögeholz, A Relational Model for Parallel Computation, 2022. Supervised by Michael Brand and Graham Farr.

Ajani De Vas Gunasekara, Completion and Embedding Problems for Combinatorial Designs, 2022. Supervised by Daniel Horsley and Ian Wanless.

Timothy Chan, Substructure Densities in Extremal Combinatorics, 2021. Supervised by David Wood and Dan Kral (Warwick).

Subhrajyoti Saha, Finite p-Groups and Coclass Theory, 2020. Supervised by Heiko Dietrich.

Hooman Reisi Dehkordi, The Hanani-Tutte Theorem and Non-Separating Planar Graphs, 2020. Supervised by Graham Farr, David Wood and Peter Eades.

Srinibas Swain, Graph parameters: theory, generation and dissemination, 2019. Supervised by Graham Farr, Paul Bonnington and Kerri Morgan.

Kai Siong Yow, Tutte-Whitney Polynomials for Directed Graphs and Maps, 2019. Supervised by Graham Farr and Kerri Morgan.

Tim Wilson, Anagram-Free Graph Colouring and Colour Schemes, 2019. Supervised by David Wood.

Kevin Hendrey, Extremal Graph Theory for Minors, Improper Colourings and Gonality, 2019. Supervised by David Wood.

Darcy Best, Transversal This, Transversal That, 2018. Supervised by Ian Wanless, Heiko Dietrich and Daniel Horsley.

Rosie Hoyte, Generalisations of the Doyen-Wilson Theorem, 2017. Supervised by Daniel Horsley.

Jayama Mendis, Autoparatopisms of Latin squares, 2015. Supervised by Ian Wanless.

Marsha Minchenko, Counting subgraphs of regular graphs using spectral moments, 2014. Supervised by Ian Wanless.

Michael Brand, Computing with Arbitrary and Random Numbers, 2014. Supervised by Graham Farr.

Kerri Morgan, Algebraic aspects of the chromatic polynomial, 2010. Supervised by Graham Farr.

Arun Mani, Correlation inequalities for Tutte polynomials, 2010. Supervised by Graham Farr.

Judith Egan, Transversals, indivisible plexes and partitions of latin squares, 2010. Supervised by Ian Wanless.

Douglas Stones, On the number of Latin rectangles, 2010. Supervised by Ian Wanless.

Rebecca Robinson, Characterizations and algorithms for topological containment of wheel graphs, 2009. Supervised by Graham Farr.

David Wood, Three-Dimensional Orthogonal Graph Drawing, 2000. Supervised by Graham Farr.

Completed Masters Students

Eileen Pan, Groups of small order type, 2021. Supervised by Heiko Dietrich.

David Fear, Diagonally cyclic equitable rectangles and cyclotomic orthomorphisms, 2014. Supervised by Ian Wanless.

Yozef Tjandra Rumour Spreading with a Delaying Scheme, 2017. Supervised by Nick Wormald and Jane Gao.