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Members of the discrete mathematics group have received the following awards, fellowships and grants:

Nick Wormald and Anita Liebenau, ARC Discovery Project, 2017-2019

Daniel Horsley, ARC Future Fellowship, 2017-2020

Jane Gao, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2017-2019

Anita Liebenau, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2017-2019

Michael Payne, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2016-2018

Nick Wormald and Jane Gao, ARC Discovery Project, 2016-2018

Daniel Horsley and Ian Wanless, ARC Discovery Project with Darryn Bryant, 2015-2019

Greg Markowsky and Tim Garoni, ARC Discovery Project, 2014-2016

Heiko Dietrich, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2014-2016

David Wood, ARC Future Fellowship, 2014-2017

Michael Brand, Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash University, 2013

Michael Brand, Faculty of Information Technology Doctoral Medal, 2013.

Nick Wormald, ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship, 2013-2017

Graham Farr, ARC Discovery Project, 2013-2015

Norman Do, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2013-2015

Norman Do, Victorian Tall Poppy Award, 2013.

Daniel Horsley, ARC DECRA Fellowship, 2012-2015

Ian Wanless, ARC Future Fellowship, 2012-2015

Tim Garoni, ARC Linkage Project with Jan De Gier and Andreas Schadschneider, 2012-2014.

Tim Garoni, ARC Future Fellowship, 2011-2014

Ron Steinfeld, ARC Australian Research Fellowship, 2011-2013

Graham Farr, Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision, 2011.

Ian Wanless, ARC Discovery Project with Catherine Greenhill and Ron Aharoni, 2012-2014

David Wood, ARC Discovery Project with Sanming Zhou, 2012-2014

Arun Konagurthu, Monash Larkins Fellowship, 2011-2013

Kerri Morgan, ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011-2014.

Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan, ARC Discovery Project with Daniel Delbourgo, Peter Cameron, Bill Jackson, 2011-2014

Michael Brand, Gordon Preston Prize for best student talk at Victorian Algebra Conference, 2011.

Arun Mani, Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash University, 2010

Ian Wanless, Australian Mathematical Society Medal, 2009

Rebecca Robinson, Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash University, 2009

Ian Wanless, Hall Medal, Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 2008.

David Wood, ARC QEII Fellowship, 2008-2013

Ian Wanless, Victorian Tall Poppy Award, 2008.

Kerri Morgan, CMSA student prize, 4th International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (4ICC), 2008.

David Wood, Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal, Monash University, 2000