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If you are a Monash student interested in mathematics and computer science, then we recommend the following units:

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

  • MTH3170 Network mathematics or MTH3175 Network mathematics (advanced)
  • MTH3137 Number theory and cryptography (advanced)
  • MTH3330 Optimisation and operations research
  • FIT3155 Advanced data structures and algorithms


Complementary units:


  • MTH2137 Number theory and cryptography and MTH3137 Number theory and cryptography (advanced) share lectures but have different tutorials and assessments. The advanced version requires much greater mathematical maturity. It should not be attempted without a strong foundation (meaning D’s and HD’s in several MTH units at 2nd or 3rd year level). It would be useful to have seen some algebra (meaning MTH2121, MTH3121, MTH2141, MTH3141 or MTH3150) first.
  • MTH3170 Network Mathematics and MTH3175 Network Mathematics (Advanced) share the same content and lectures. The tutorials and assessment are different. MTH3170 emphasises algorithms (while not neglecting proofs), while MTH3175 emphasises proofs (while not neglecting algorithms). MTH3175 is more for students doing a major in mathematics, especially for those aiming to do honours in mathematics. MTH3170 is for all mathematically capable students, including those doing degrees in Science, Education, or Computer Science.
  • MTH2141 and MTH3141 are both called Algebra 1: Group theory, but they differ in the level of difficulty. The two streams share lectures but have separate assessment. You should not attempt the 3rd year version without having done well in second year MTH units.