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Recent papers

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Some recent papers by group members:

Anita Liebenau, Nick Wormald
Asymptotic enumeration of graphs by degree sequence, and the degree sequence of a random graph
J. European Math. Society 2023

Vida Dujmović, Louis Esperet, Pat Morin, David R. Wood.
Proof of the clustered Hadwiger conjecture
Proc. 64th IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS ’23)

Aidan R. Gentle, Ian M. Wanless
On perfect sequence covering arrays
Annals Comb. 2023

Alexander Cant, Heiko Dietrich, Bettina Eick, and Tobias Moede.
Galois trees in the graph of p-groups of maximal class.
J. Algebra 2022.

Anita Liebenau, Nick Wormald
Asymptotic enumeration of digraphs and bipartite graphs by degree sequence
Random Structures Algorithms 2023

Vida Dujmović, Pat Morin, David R. Wood.
Graph product structure for non-minor-closed classes
J. Combinatorial Theory Series B 2023

Catherine Greenhill, Mikhail Isaev, Tamás Makai, Brendan D. McKay
Degree sequences of sufficiently dense random uniform hypergraphs
Combin. Probab. Comput. 2023

David Eppstein, Robert Hickingbotham, Sergey Norin, Laura Merker, Michal T. Seweryn, David R. Wood.
Three-dimensional graph products with unbounded stack-number
Discrete & Computational Geometry 2023

Ajani De Vas Gunasekara, Daniel Horsley
An Evans-style result for block designs
SIAM J. Discrete Math. 2022

Timothy C. Burness, Melissa Lee
On the classification of extremely primitive affine groups
Israel J. Math. 2023

Antonio Girão, Freddie Illingworth, Alex Scott, David R. Wood.
Defective colouring of hypergraphs
Random Structures Algorithms, 2023

Student papers

Thursday, August 31st, 2023

PhD students in the discrete maths group have recently written the following single-authored papers (in addition to several multi-authored papers):

Jack Allsop, “Cycles of quadratic Latin squares and anti-perfect 1-factorisations”, J. Combin. Des. 31, (2023), 447-475

Marc Distel, “Proper Minor-Closed Classes of Graphs have Assouad-Nagata Dimension 2”, arXiv:2308.10377

Robert Hickingbotham, “Induced subgraphs and path decompositions”, Electronic J. Combinatorics 30:P2.37, 2023.

Robert Hickingbotham, “Odd colourings, conflict-free colourings and strong colouring numbers”. Australasian J. Combinatorics, accepted 2023. arXiv:2203.10402

Some recent papers by group members

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Nina Kamčev, Anita Liebenau, Nick Wormald. Asymptotic enumeration of hypergraphs by degree sequence. Adv. Comb. 2022.

Graham Farr. The history of Tutte–Whitney polynomials. In: Handbook of the Tutte Polynomial and Related Topics, Chapman and Hall, 2022.

Ian M. Wanless, David R. Wood. A general framework for hypergraph coloring. SIAM J. Discrete Math. 2022.

Alexander Cant, Heiko Dietrich, Bettina Eick, Tobias Moede. Galois trees in the graph of p-groups of maximal class. J. Algebra 2022.

Tao Feng, Daniel Horsley, Xiaomiao Wang. Novák’s conjecture on cyclic Steiner triple systems and its generalization. J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 2021.

Norman Do, Danilo Lewański. On the Goulden-Jackson-Vakil conjecture for double Hurwitz numbers. Adv. Math. 2022.

Kevin Hendrey. Sergey Norin, David R. Wood. Extremal functions for sparse minors. Adv. Comb. 2022.

Chun-Hung Liu, David R. Wood. Clustered variants of Hajós’ conjecture. J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, 2022.

Mikhail Isaev, Angus Southwell, Maksim Zhukovskii. Distribution of tree parameters by martingale approach. Combin. Probab. Comput. 2022.

Some recent notable publications

Monday, October 4th, 2021

James Wilson and Heiko Dietrich.
Group isomorphism is nearly-linear time for most orders.
FOCS 2021.

Jane Gao, Reshma Ramadurai, Ian Wanless, Nick Wormald.
Full rainbow matchings in graphs and hypergraphs.
Combin. Probab. Comput. 2021.

Anthony B. Evans, Adam Mammoliti, Ian M. Wanless.
Latin squares with maximal partial transversals of many lengths.
J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 2021.

Daniel Horsley, Bridget S. Webb.
Countable homogeneous Steiner triple systems avoiding specified subsystems.
J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 2021.

Vida Dujmović, David Eppstein, Robert Hickingbotham, Pat Morin, David R. Wood
Stack-number is not bounded by queue-number.
Combinatorica 2021

FOCS papers

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Three group members have had papers accepted to the 60th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2019) to be held in Baltimore in November.

Andrii Arman, Jane Gao, Nick Wormald.
Fast uniform generation of random graphs with given degree sequences.

Vida Dujmović, Gwenaël Joret, Piotr Micek, Pat Morin, Torsten Ueckerdt, David Wood.
Planar Graphs have Bounded Queue-Number.

Honours thesis in JCTA

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Congratulations to Tony Grubman, and his honours supervisor Ian Wanless, for their recent paper in JCTA. This paper is essentially Tony’s honours thesis.

Growth rate of canonical and minimal group embeddings of spherical latin trades. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 123.1:57-72, 2014.

FOCS paper

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Congratulations to David Wood whose paper “Layered Separators for Queue Layouts, 3D Graph Drawing and Nonrepetitive Coloring” with Vida Dujmović and Pat Morin has been accepted to the 54th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2013).