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Did you know?

1. We support students on all Monash Campuses (except South Africa).

2. Nothing you tell us goes outside DSS without your permission. The only exception is if there is a risk of harm to self or others. Feel free to consult with us before you decide whether or not to register.

3. Our services are free. You can register at any point. However there are significant lead times needed to make adjustments to exam conditions, so do not leave things to the last minute.

4. When you register you can decide who in faculty will receive information about you, and what or how much information they will receive. If adjustments are to be made in faculty you will at least need to disclose that you are registered with DSS.

5. The definition of ‘disability’ in the DDA is very broad. This law includes protection against discrimination not only for people with a wide range of medical conditions, but also carers of people with disability, people who once had disability, people who might develop disability, and even people who are incorrectly imputed to have disability.

6. Everyone has a different idea about what is or what is not a ‘disability’. Most people understand disability in terms of medical factors. However environmental factors, both physical and social, can be part of what defines any person’s disability. Disability does not define the person.

7. We use an interactive, case-by-case approach when determining reasonable adjustments for students with disability. You must consult with a Disability Adviser and provide suitable documentation from a relevant health care professional.  Together we will decide on reasonable adjustments to facilitate your independent and equitable access without compromising academic integrity or adversely impacting others.