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Department of Justice and Regulation – Scholarship Program 2016

Friday, February 26th, 2016

The Disability Leadership Scholarship Program is an initiative from the Department of Justice and Regulation’s Disability Action Plan. The program aims to achieve a long-term increase in the number of qualified people with a disability employed across all areas and all levels of the public service. The 2016 program will be offering a limited number of scholarships for people with a disability in Victoria in the following areas of study:

  • law
  • criminology
  • para-legal
  • psychology
  • social work
  • other justice-related fields.

A scholarship for study at diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor, and postgraduate level will be offered at a tertiary institution within Victoria.

The scholarship will be awarded on a merit principle, taking into account an applicant’s eligibility, past academic results, ability to complete a course of study, and competitiveness against other scholarship applicants.

The scholarship program will provide eligible students with a fortnightly study allowance to study full-time or part-time to complete up to a maximum of 2 years of an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

For information on Application, Eligibility and Selection, visit the website.

Current Opportunities and updates – I CAN Network

Friday, February 26th, 2016


Earlier this month, the I CAN Network was featured on ABC’s Australia Wide, and we have had a fantastic response. They interviewed many of our mentors and mentees, and perfectly captured the direct impact that we are having on schools, as well as individuals. Our feature begins at 14:30!

Watch now.

Current Opportunities

Working for I CAN is an experience like no other! We’re Australia’s first social enterprise established by people with Autism. We have a range of roles available, including a new Camp Logistics Coordinator role!

Learn more here.

Chris Varney in the SMH

In case you missed it: last month, our Chief Enabling Officer wrote a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Senate report may be bleak, but I have great expectations for the future. My generation of Australians on the spectrum, and the generations after me, are increasingly rejecting the stuffy textbooks on autism and driving a more positive rethink. This is where the wind is blowing. Public awareness is taking us into a future in which teachers, lecturers and principals will disclose that they are on the spectrum. This future is in today’s classrooms. So principals, think big for your students with a disability. Your school and our future will benefit.”

Read more here.


This month, we discuss our media appearances, shine a spotlight on two people from our movement, and have a guest post from I CAN mentor, Carla Burns.

Read more here.

Monash Career Access – Mentor programs

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Willing and Able Mentoring (WAM) programapply now

*Mentee applications for Semester 1 close 5 pm, 20 March 2016

Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE) programapply now

Inclusion Through Technology – Latest News

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Accessibility in the cloud – benefits, issues and trends

As a new survey shows an increase in the use of the cloud in 2016, the impact of this on people with disabilities and impairments becomes ever more important. Media Access Australia has produced a white paper, Accessibility of Cloud Computing – current and future trends, which provides valuable insights into cloud accessibility.

Video advertisements on Facebook to be auto-captioned

Facebook will roll out a new feature to make auto-playing advertisements more accessible to people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, using captioned video instead of auto-playing content with sound. The feature is being introduced following a survey that found 80 percent of people react negatively when loud ads play automatically within the content feed.

Class action launched in the US demanding captioned lyrics

Nine deaf advocates and individuals have launched a class action against a number of Hollywood Studios, including Disney, Sony, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and Universal Studios, for failing to caption song lyrics in movies and TV programs.

Accessibility article

Are you wasting your time creating an accessible PDF?

The collective knowledge around the creation of accessible PDFs is slowly but surely growing, making this flexible format more widely available to people of all abilities. But what if you make your PDF accessible, yet someone still finds it inaccessible because of the way they open it? Accessibility Services Manager, Ally Woodford, explains how to ensure your documents are accessible to users of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, providing important tips to guarantee readers can engage with your PDF content effectively.

Useful resource of the week

Learn about Australian legislation and policy, as well as international regulations for access, in Media Access Australia’s Research & Policy area. You can also find ourresearch and reportswhite papers and guides available to download in accessible Word and PDF formats in this section.

Monash Student Colouring Competition

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Submit your completed colouring masterpiece to Disability Support Services (DSS) and you could win a prize!

The best example of colouring‐in (as judged by DSS staff) will win first prize of a 500 piece Kaleidoscope Colouring Jigsaw with 12 Artist’s colour pencils.

The runner‐up will receive second prize of a multi‐level creative colouring book, ‘Positively Zen’.

*Conditions of Entry*

Please submit your finished colouring design, with your name and Monash student ID written on the back, to Disability Support Services Clayton office at Level 1, Western Annexe, 21 Chancellors Walk (the Campus Centre) no later than 5:00 pm, Friday 26 February 2016.

Pictures of the winning entries will be featured on the DSS Blog, ‘Some of Our Parts’. Prize winners will be notified via email by Monday, 7 March 2016. Any currently enrolled Monash student can enter. Multiple entries will be accepted!

Afternoon Drop-In in ‘O’ Week

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Are you a Monash student with a disability, medical condition or mental health condition that may impact on your studies?

You are welcome to drop in to the Disability Support Services office at Clayton campus, or phone us during Orientation Week for a private discussion with an Adviser about services available.

Date: Monday 22 February – Thursday 25 February 2016

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Location: Level 1, 21 Chancellors Walk, Western Annexe, Clayton Campus centre

NOTE: If you cannot visit us in person, please call on 03 9905 5704 or visit our website.

Available services include:

  • Alternative Exam Arrangements
  • Notetakers and Auslan interpreters
  • Alternative Formatting of learning materials
  • Equipment loans
  • Library assistance

ANZ Graduate and Internship Programs for 2016/2017

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

In 2015, ANZ received over 60 applications for the 2016 Graduate Program and another 39 applications for the 2015 Summer Internship Program from candidates with a disability.  Of those applicants, five are now working with ANZ and another three have recently completed their Summer Internship.

This year, the Internship Program will give successful applicants the choice to complete their internship mid-year or at the end of 2016.  This will mean that both programs will open for applications in February 2016.

Those 2016 interns who demonstrate their suitability during their internship may then be provided with an early offer for ANZ’s Graduate Program in 2018.  This will mean that there will be no further calls for applicants to the ANZ Graduate Program after this year as the Internship Program will feed the Graduate program from 2018 onwards.  Hence it is even more important for eligible students to apply for the Internship Program if they have an interest in joining ANZ’s Graduate program.

The application period for both programs will begin on February 24th and will finish four weeks later (20th March). Applications can be made online.  I will be contacting every student that shares with ANZ that they have a disability in their application so that I can help them through the process and hopefully achieve an even better outcome than the record numbers achieved last year.

For more information visit the ANZ website or contact:

Rob Crestani
Senior Consultant – Abilities Program
Australian Recruitment | Diversity
03 8655 0922

Inclusion Through Technology – Latest News

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Gogo agrees to in-flight captions

In-flight entertainment provider Gogo Vision has struck an agreement with the US National Association of the Deaf to provide passengers with closed caption access on streaming content.

Organisations receive Emmy awards for internet caption standards

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) were honoured at the 67th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards held in Las Vegas on 8 January for developing standards that allow closed captions to be provided for online videos.

Languages and the media conference – a major access event

The 11th Languages and The Media conference, which is the largest accessibility conference in the world, will take place in Berlin on 2-4 November 2016. Calls for proposals and papers around the theme of ‘Agile Mediascapes – Personalising the Future’ are currently open, based on the growing range of on-demand services and other distribution channels.

Pixar’s new app bypasses cinema audio description issues

Movie producer and distributor Pixar Studios has moved to solve the problem of blind people not being able to access its movies by creating an audio description app. Media Access Australia’s CEO, Alex Varley, provides his thoughts on the development and outlines cinema access priorities for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Petition launched for more audio description on iTunes

Accessible media advocate Phillip Chalker has launched a petition calling on iTunes to provide more movies with audio description for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility promotional video out now

A new video produced by Media Access Australia has been created to promote the upcoming Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility course. It’s designed to underline the main points and key benefits of enrolling in Australia’s only university-accredited web accessibility certificate for digital professionals.

Accessibility article

Content marketers ignore accessibility at their peril

Do you want to be a truly brilliant content marketer? Irrespective of the desired platforms for engagement, there could be one thing holding you back. Media Access Australia’s Deputy CEO, Natalie Collins, explains how accessible content has a much wider benefit for people of all abilities, providing three key ways to extend your reach, as well as six tips to target when integrating accessibility into your content strategy.

Useful resource of the week

Media Access Australia’s Accessible Document Service provides a quick and efficient way for organisations to make their documents accessible for web and digital environments, covering Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel formats, as well as Adobe PDF and InDesign files.

Using comprehensive expertise with competitive prices and fast turnarounds, you can send us your documents now for a reply within 1 business day.

RecruitAbility scheme

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

The RecruitAbility scheme supports people with disability applying for jobs in the Australian Public Service (APS) by giving you a better opportunity to put forward your skills and experience during the selection process. RecruitAbility offers you the opportunity to progress to further assessment stages in an APS recruitment exercise for a vacancy advertised under the scheme if you:

  • declare you have a disability,
  • apply and opt in to the scheme, and
  • are assessed as meeting the minimum requirements of the vacancy.

To opt in to the scheme, you need to apply to a vacancy advertised under the scheme and address the selection criteria. As part of the application process, you may also need to complete online testing, phone interviews or other preliminary testing.

Your application will be assessed by the agency to see if it meets the minimum requirements for the vacancy. If it does, you will be shortlisted for further assessment. This could be an interview or another type of assessment.

How to search for jobs to which the RecruitAbility scheme applies:

  1. Go to the Quick Search page
  2. Select the ‘RecruitAbility’ tickbox
  3. Click ‘Search’
  4. A list of jobs will appear.

You can find more information at the RecruitAbility website.

PACE Mentoring Opportunities

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

PACE Mentoring opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra!

***Apply online up to 31 March 2016***

What is PACE?

PACE is the Australian Network on Disability’s vibrant and dynamic mentoring program offering students with disability the opportunity to develop skills and confidence in a workplace setting, as well as personal and professional development.

During the mentoring program activities may include:

> Reviewing resume and cover letters

> Mock interviews

> Worksite visits

> Networking with other professionals

> Building confidence

Participation is free to students and jobseekers and is generously sponsored by ANZ. The program runs in two three-month streams – April to July, and September to December.

Which organisations are involved?

The opportunities vary for each stream so it is best to get in early with your application. Participating organisations include:

  • ANZ
  • NAB
  • Cummins South Pacific
  • QBE
  • Legal Aid
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Department of Infrastructure

Apply for PACE now!